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24 Sq Ft Interlocking Foam Mats Tiles Gym Play Garage Workshop Floor Dark Grey

6 Interlocking Safety Mats (24 Square Feet)
Each Mat Measures approximately 2FT x 2FT x 11MM
EVA Rubber Foam

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30 Minutes to Fitness Home Gym Intervals DVD – Kelly Coffey Meyer – region 0 Worldwide

2×30-minute workouts that minimize the amount of equipment you need to set up and the length of time you need to spend doing it HGI maximizes the calorie-burning effect of these two highly effective cardio/sculpting workouts with only your cardio … Read More

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66fit Ab Roller Wheel & Knee Pad – Abs Core Abdominal Workout Fitness Exerciser

The 66fit Abdominal Roller Wheel is designed to build strength and definition in your abs, back, arms and shoulder muscles
The compact design makes the abs roller portable and easy to use at home, or take with you to the gym or for a workout anywhere
Ergonomically shaped thick foam handles ensure comfort and a good grip on the abs wheel, providing stability whilst in use

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66fit Interlocking Mats x 4pcs – Home Gym Garage Floor Yoga Fitness Exercise

The 66fit Interlocking Gym Mat features 4 interlocking pieces which fit together to give a total surface area of 1.44m sq
Made from high density EVA, the 66fit exercise mat is both hardwearing and practical
Ideal for use under equipment and for floor based exercises either at home or in the gym

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Ab Roller – Pro Quality Ab Wheel With Free Soft Kneeling Mat – Home Gym Exercise Wheel With Thick Foam Handles – Great For Abs Workout And Core Training – Easy Assemble + FREE Weight Loss Plan Ebook

✭ NON SLIP HANDLES – Made from thick durable foam rubber – Designed to give maximum support and comfort whilst you are doing your abdominal and core exercises at home
✭ SMOOTH AND COMFORTABLE ACTION – Twin wheel “easy glide” technology with extra tough stainless steel axle providing strength and stability leaving you to focus on doing your daily stomach exercises safely
✭ COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT – This handy home fitness equipment helps you to do abdominal exercises which tighten, firm and tone your abs, lower back, arms and shoulders – Perfect if you are trying to lose belly fat or do any core stability exercises to help improve your posture

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Abdominal Toning Belt, Core Training Fat Loss Belt Waist Trainer Men Women AB Toner Exercise Equipment, Belly Belt Training Gear Gym Workout Home Fitness Machine

What’s it for? — Muscle toner for Man&Women. It’s to Tone, Tighten&Strenghten your Abs and body, you can gain tighter stronger muscles and perfect figure after consecutive use of this product for 6-8 weeks (about 20 minutes per day, 5 times per week). Your overall health will improve greatly.
What’s an EMS Machine? — EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) through current stimulation, directly send signal to muscle, to promote muscle movement. The theory comes from Cristiano Ronaldo’s study, revolutionary training gear, has been used by physical therapists for 30 years in health care industry.
Hong long for one Workout? — 20 minutes per day!!! It equals to 2000M running, 60 minutes of sit-ups and crunches, 30 minutes of free swimming, 2 weeks of diet. Easy and powerful body toner.

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ASM Fitness Box- Ab Wheel Roller with Thick Knee Pad Mat, Rotational Push Up Bar / Pushup Stand, Skipping Rope. Premium Home Gym Set

COMPLETE HOME FITNESS SET- The ASM Fitness Box, provides the perfect combination of all the tools needed for a hard core full body workout. The amazing combo of an ASM Premium Dual Abdominal Roller Wheel featuring comfort foam handle grips & Knee pad, 2 x Rotating Push Up Bars, a speed skipping rope provides everything required for ultimate upper body development, core, Stamina, Speed & Strengthening exercises.
PREMIUM AB ROLLER WITH 15MM THICK KNEE PAD- The ASM Ab roller provides one of the best workouts to strengthen your abs and core. Constructed from high quality materials, this product comes with a super thick 15mm NBR knee pad mat for added comfort as well as padded handles for extra grip. The metal axle and durable black plastic roller wheels ensure perfect stability and durability
SLIP FREE ROTATIONAL PUSH UP BARS- The best selling ASM push up bars are designed to give you the perfect push up. The slip free grips reduce wrist strain and the smooth rotation ensures you fully engage your whole chest with each rep. The ultimate upper body workout.

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Beast Rope by Beast Gear – Speed Skipping Rope for Fitness, Conditioning & Fat Loss. Ideal for Crossfit, Boxing, MMA, HIIT, Interval Training & Double Unders

FOR EVERYONE – For Crossfit, functional fitness, boxing, MMA, intervals, circuits, hiit conditioning training & fat loss. The Beast Rope is for everyone: men, women, girls, boys. Perfectly weighted with smooth, fast efficient rotations at maximum rpm.
STRONG – The Beast Rope by Beast Gear is a rock solid BEAST – built to last and endure your beasting workouts. Strong and durable, yet flexible steel wire cable with protective plastic coasting doesn’t bend or tangle. Highly recommended for functional training and boxing for this reason.
ADJUSTABLE LENGTH – Using the length adjustment mechanism, the 2.8 m cable is easily adjusted to your height- even if you need an extra long or short jump rope. This makes your skipping and Double Unders much more efficient than with an off the shelf rope. Come with SPARE SCREWS, COLLARS AND CABLE CAPS

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BH Fitness G152X Global Multi Gym with Leg Press

Combines a gym, seated leg press and dip/leg raise stations, features high and low pulleys, chest press/pec dec and leg developer
Leg press is fully adjustable, max comfort while training with ergonomic upholstery, fold-up seat, lat and straight bar attachments
Enhanced protection and safety whilst exercising, the use of bearings and CAMS guarantees an ultra smooth motion

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Body Sculpture Aero Gym with DVD

Exercises arms, chest, shoulders, back, lats and abs
Comfortable bench
Adjustable positions and resistance

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Body Sculpture Body Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Body Sculpture multi-functional body gym
Can be used for chin-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups and dips
Heavy duty steel construction

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BodyRip Fixed Weight Set with Curl Barbell and Collars 10kg 15kg 20kg 25kg 30kg 35kg 40kg 45kg Home Gym Fitness

BodyRip Curl bars are all pre-assembled to ensure that they meet the standards required in heavy used commercial applications. Our bars use solid steel bolt design; bigger, longer and stronger than the competition.
The rubber cover has been developed over a period of almost 10 years to provide a low odour, hard-wearing coating that reduces damage to equipment when in use.
These Fixed Weight Barbell Sets are an excellent alternative to rubber coated multi-plate or cast iron weights as they generate less noise, do not fall apart, are more compact and safer to use.

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